Hail and Ride

If a bus service operates as hail and ride it means you can signal to the bus driver that you wish to board the bus at any point along the road and the driver will stop where it is safe to do so.

If you want to get off the bus, simply ring the bell close to where you want to alight and the driver will pull over as soon as it is safe to.

Hail and ride usually operates where there are no fixed bus stops along the road, often in rural areas or along residential estates, and can be along the entire length of its route or a small section.  If a bus service operates hail and ride, it will be identified as such in the timetable produced by the bus operator.

Remember - your driver has a responsibility to ensure the safety of passengers and other road users.  Please respect his or her judgement when requesting the bus to stop.

Hail & Ride has been promoted at the local level by our transport reps and village agents.

When a request is received from a parish for a hail and ride service, ECC  work with the operator, local transport representative, parish council, village agent (where applicable) and current users to ensure they are fully supportive and understand where within the parish it is safe for the bus to stop.

A change of bus registration is usually required to be submitted to the traffic commissioner.  In addition, an article is written for the local publication and/or website to promote hail and ride within the parish.

Our publictransport@essex.gov.uk email address is available for any resident wishing to enquire about Hail & Ride.