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Cycling is EASY, efficient, accessible, sustainable, healthy

Cycling for health 

Cycling is important to Essex. It is more than just a pastime for a dedicated few, or a cheap mode of transport; it is a solution to the problem of congestion in our towns and poor health in our society. It contributes to an improved quality of life, a stronger economy and an enhanced environment.

  • Cycling can help to maintain a healthy lifestyle through providing a means of active transport and regular exercise that will lead to improved health and fitness.
  • A fifteen minute cycle ride, twice a day, would meet the Governments recommended minimum level of activity for adults (150 minutes, each week, of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity). This can be incorporated into people’s lifestyles by commuting to work or riding to local shops/leisure facilities.
  • Leisure cycling can be a healthy family activity to be enjoyed together.
  • Travelling to school by walking or cycling can help encourage healthy growth and development, maintain a healthy weight, reduce anxiety and stress, and improve muscular strength, endurance and flexibility in children

Brisk cycling burns around 500 calories per hours, and steady cycling burns around 300 cals per hour

Mental health conditions such as depression, stress and anxiety can be reduced by regular bike riding