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Essex Highway Solutions

What we can help deliver

Essex Highways offer a competitive design and delivery service for anyone wishing to privately fund a scheme on or related to the highway.

We are able to deliver a wide variety of highway related engineering schemes and services on the public highway including:

  • Public realm works – for instance improvement of open spaces
  • Developer Section 278 schemes
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Street lighting - design, relocation, new installation and testing
  • Bus stop infrastructure – for instance shelters, stops or ancillary works
  • Traffic calming measures
  • Drainage
  • New or improved junctions
  • Traffic signal design and installation
  • Cycling and walking schemes
  • Signing and lining
  • Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs)
  • Surface Water Alleviation Schemes (SWAS)
  • Multi-disciplinary schemes
  • Noise, topographical, environmental, speed and volume and PV2 surveys
  • Feasibility studies
  • Road Safety Audits

Any individual who chooses to use this Essex Highways service does so at their own discretion and is aware they may source these services from other suppliers.

Please select the relevant option below for further information on our services

If you wish to relocate a street light, perhaps in relation to vehicle crossing application you will need to apply and pay a fee.
If you wish to undertake or request any scheme on the highway please contact your Parish / Borough / District / City Councillor in the first instance, or a member of your Local Highway Panel

For services not offered by Essex Highway Solutions, please visit our applications page. This includes information about blue badges, disabled parking bays, domestic vehicle crossings, street events, hanging of seasonal decorations from a lamp post.

Contactors and members of the public can also find more information about applying for a skip or scaffold licence, a section 50 street works licence, temporary traffic light signals, booking road space, a development management road opening licence, a temporary closure on a Public Right of Way or a Highway Status Enquiry.

Applications for brown tourism signs are made via Visit Essex.