New London Road - Chelmsford

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Before the works


New London Road is a major route in Chelmsford, linking the city centre to the south and south west. The road is a popular bus route and has a northbound bus lane between Miami Roundabout and Lower Anchor Street, which operates Monday to Saturday between 7am and 10am, and 4pm and 7pm.

Road users along New London Road experience delays and speed reductions in both directions. Parking in the southbound carriageway contributes to this disruption by narrowing the carriageway and interrupting the traffic flow, making journey times less reliable for all users. As this is a priority route, it needs to be kept free of obstructions at all times.

This scheme is being delivered as part of the Chelmsford City Growth Package.


About the scheme

Essex County Council has secured £15 million to undertake sustainable transport improvements to help alleviate pressure on Chelmsford’s road network.

We consulted as part of the Chelmsford City Growth Package in 2017 on proposals to reduce delays and improve performance along the corridor, including a review of the hours of operation for the existing bus lane on New London Road. In response to the consultation you highlighted the negative impact of parking in the southbound carriageway as being a more significant problem.

After the consultation we reviewed the parking restrictions along New London Road and agreed that the issues are primarily due to parking in the southbound carriageway, which is having a negative impact on both general traffic and the ability of the bus lane to operate effectively (i.e. causing vehicles to enter the bus lane to get past the park cars and oncoming traffic).

We are therefore planning to remove the southbound parking between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Saturday.

This will aim to:

  • Improve journey times
  • Enhance the flow of traffic
  • Reduce congestion
  • Remove the need for traffic to drive in the bus lane
  • Improve journey time reliability, experience and overall safety

What happens next?

We will draft and advertise the legal orders for the restriction of the parking in the coming months. The restriction will be implemented once it has been approved.

There will not be any works undertaken on the carriageway as part of this scheme so there should not be any disruption to traffic flows on New London Road.

We will update this webpage with further information about the restriction as it becomes available.

Further information

This scheme is being delivered as part of the Chelmsford City Growth Package.  For information about other schemes considered visit Chelmsford City Growth Package.