PRoW interactive map

This is an interactive map of Public Rights of Way and is for general purposes only. It is not the statutory Definitive Map which is held at County Hall. District, borough, town and parish councils must also keep copies for their particular areas.  The Definitive Map and its associated Map Modification Orders must be referred to in the case of any specific legal query or dispute. In law the Definitive Map provides conclusive evidence of the existence of any Public Rights of Way shown on it.  This interactive map does not.  For enquiries pertaining to land transaction related matters or for any legally related enquiries, professional interpretation of the map is required and must be referred to the Definitive Map Office, Essex Highways, County Hall, Chelmsford.

The closures are visible at all levels, however to view the public rights please zoom into the map. The visibility of the layers are adjustable, by selecting the 'Layer List' button and adjusting the 'Set visibility range'.

On the map of Public Rights of Way each path is identified on the map by the path number and the associated parish.  For example 'Footpath 7 Goldhanger'. This description can be seen by clicking on the path. If you have any comments about this path, please quote this description when contacting Essex Highways to enable the Public Rights of Way team to deal with your query more easily. 

You can either use the zoom in/out function to find a specific area of interest or use the search facility. You can check on who can use the different paths on the map by selecting the 'Legend' button at the bottom of the map.