Safer, Greener, Healthier Brentwood

The active travel 2 proposals for Brentwood included improved walking and cycling connections on a key route between Brentwood High Street and Shenfield. A mixture of new infrastructure, the introduction of 20mph areas and the creation of new School Streets have all been implemented.

  • Healthy School Streets on Sawyers Hall Lane: temporary street art, "20s Plenty" signage and pencil bollards - completed in 2022
  • Healthy School Streets on Middleton Hall Lane - completed in 2023
  • 20mph speed limit reductions introduced on Crescent Drive / Middleton Road / Worrin Road / York Road / Priests Lane / Friars Avenue / Woodway / Abbots Close / Bishop Walk / Cliveden Close / Coombe Rise / Friars Close / Glanthams Close / Glanthams Road / Glendale Close / Gordon Road / Longmead Close / Mulberry Hill / Parkway / St. Andrews Place / Worrin Close - completed in 2022.
  • Installation of cycle parking on Shenfield Road - completed.

Please see the story mapper in the section below which sets out the original scheme details consulted on between May and July 2021.

Consultation Story Mapper

Brentwood Story Mapper - Link