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Safer, Greener, Healthier

Welcome to the Safer Greener Healthier campaign web pages. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for people in Essex to travel more sustainably - walking, cycling, e-scootering or taking the bus or train – especially for shorter journeys.

Our vision is to deliver and enable safer, greener and healthier travel for current and future users of the transport network in Essex.

The health benefits of active travel
The economic benefits of active travel

Did you know…..?

Up to 43% of car trips in Essex are under three miles, a journey which could, for many people be made on foot (which would take around 30 minutes) or on a bike (a 15-minute ride). 

Our ambition is to:

Create a road environment that is SAFER, encouraging more residents to cycle or walk, especially for shorter journeys.

Work up sustainable transport solutions to ensure that Essex reduces carbon emissions and delivers long-term GREENER benefits.

Deliver long-term public health benefits so that our residents become HEALTHIER.

How are we doing this?

By introducing, supporting and funding various projects across Essex which will encourage and make it easier for people to walk, cycle or scoot more, especially for shorter journeys. These include the introduction of new walking and cycle paths as part of the Active Travel Fund and trialling e-scooters.

Join us to make Essex one of the safest, greenest and healthiest places to live.

Want to get involved?

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New cycling and walking routes will be delivered across five towns throughout 2021/22.
As part of the Safer Greener Healthier campaign, we are working on various projects to encourage people to get on their bikes.
We have launched E-scooter trials across Essex.
We want to increase walking across the county, particularly for shorter journeys.
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