Safer, Greener, Healthier Braintree

A summary of the measures to be introduced in Braintree include:

  • Segregated cycleway on Station Approach
  • Fairfield Road (Victoria Street) to Coggeshall Road, on carriageway cycle facilities
  • New compact roundabout at junction of Coggeshall Road / Courtauld Road with zebra crossings on all arms
  • Rayne Road / Bank Street on-carriageway cycle route with a modal filter
  • Cycle routes along Coggeshall Road and Panfield Lane
  • Two School Streets
  • An experimental modal filter will be implemented near Bocking End, placing a restriction on cars with only cyclists, taxis, buses and businesses with existing access permitted to continue onto Coggeshall Road. An experimental Traffic Regulation Order will be issued which will trigger further consultation.

Please see the map in the documents section for some location detail. Full scheme details can be seen below.