Safer, Greener, Healthier Colchester

An update of the measures being introduced under Active Travel 2 measures to make Colchester safer, greener and healthier:

  • Works will not be progressing with the proposals on Crouch Street West, Balkerne Hill and Crouch Street East at this time.
  • Crouch Street junction with St Johns Street, Head Street & Headgate. Upgrades to the traffic signal junction to connect the north to south and east to west Colchester city cycle routes, by providing cyclists with their own signal phases so all modes of travel can safely use the junction. These works are now completed and the traffic signal for cyclists will be operational once the cycle lane on Head Street has been made permanent (see below).
  • Head Street/Culver Street West (between St Johns Street and High Street): segregated two-way cycle lanes and modification of existing crossing to accommodate cycle lanes and movements. Planned construction dates: 24 July - 28 September.
  • Head Street junction with High Street: modify operation and layout of existing signal-controlled junction to accommodate cycle lanes and movements. These works will follow on from the above works. Planned construction date: autumn 2023 TBC.
  • Station Way: retain and make permanent segregated two-way cycle contraflow lane. Planned construction date: autumn 2023.
  • Vineyard Street car park: works completed (to install a new two-way cycle track, footway and shared used area). Road markings at the car park entrance have been refreshed to suit the new layout.
  • St Johns Street to Vineyard Street and Osbourne Street: continuation of eastbound to westbound route to connect to Vineyard Street car park,   Planned construction date: winter 2023/24.
  • 20mph speed limits: construction now completed.
  • Healthy School Streets: new signage and temporary street art installed.
  • Queen Street junction with High Street: kerb build-out and existing stop line to be moved to allow more space for pedestrians as well as more space for buses turning onto Queen Street. Planned construction date: winter 2023 TBC.

Please see the story mapper in the section below which sets out the original scheme details consulted on between May and July 2021.

Consultation Story Mapper

Colchester Story Mapper - Link