23 June 2022 Progress Update

Paper Mill Bridge, North Hill, Little Baddow – Structural assessment underway

Onsite investigation works commissioned by Essex Highways to inform the structural assessment of Paper Mill Bridge were completed in March 2022.  The findings have been reviewed and will inform the structural assessment of the bridge going forward.

The investigations found that all steel edge beams carrying the parapets are buckled. 

We are in the process of undertaking the structural assessment for the bridge deck.  The preliminary assessment findings for the deck elements suggest that:

• The steel troughs are deemed to be capable to carry 18 tonnes gross vehicles weight.

• The edge beams are deemed to be insufficient to carry vehicle assessment load due to all edge beams being buckled. 

As a result of the investigation work findings, a ’CS470 - Management of substandard highway structures report’ has been commissioned, which will be completed after the structural assessment report is finalised. The CS470 report will provide information on any interim measures that would be implemented to manage the structure.

Once the structural assessment report and the CS470 report are finalised by the end of August 2022, a feasibility study for the bridge strengthening option will be undertaken.

We will continue to share key updates with the project as it progresses.