A1060/A1114 Army and Navy, Chelmsford

Works location and photos

View of cross-over area where temporary barriers will be replaced
Under the flyover that was removed

Flyover removal

Essex County Council made the decision in September 2019 to permanently close the Army and Navy Flyover after a detailed engineering report revealed new defects in its concrete foundations.

The process to dismantle and remove the main flyover structure required meticulous planning and has left the area in a suitable condition for any future works that are planned for the roundabout.

Preliminary works were carried out in November 2019 and main works were undertaken in 2020 to dismantle and remove the flyover structure section by section.

Each flyover span has been transported to a compound away from the roundabout for dismantling and recycling.

Given the close proximity of the flyover to homes and business properties, our dismantling and removal plans were designed to limit noisy operations where possible.

We would like to thank residents, businesses and commuters for their patience while we carried out these crucial works.

Further information

If you wish to find out more about the work being carried out by the Army and Navy Taskforce to identify the best long-term, sustainable solution for the junction visit: Army and Navy Sustainable Transport Package