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A414 Maldon - Chelmsford Improvements

Spital Road and Limebrook Way Roundabouts


About the scheme:

Essex County Council is developing a series of improvements along the A414 corridor between Chelmsford and Maldon to improve traffic flow and the journey quality along the route.  The work includes:

  • Introduction of a dedicated left hand slip road on the A414 Spital Road Roundabout leading to the A414 Maldon Bypass towards Heybridge.
  • Introduction of two dedicated left hand slip roads on the Limebrook Way Roundabout from Limebrook Way B1018 to A414 Wycke Hill, and A414 Wycke Hill towards Spital Road.
  • Improving the consistency and appropriateness of the speed limits on this section of the A414.
  • Upgrade existing traffic island to a pedestrian island on A414 Spital Road.
  • Associated ground works, drainage, street lighting, road markings and signage.

Spital Road Roundabout Limebook Way Roundabout


More than 23,000 vehicles pass through these roundabouts each day.  The purpose of the scheme is to increase the capacity of the roundabouts, reduce congestion especially at peak times, and future-proof the network providing added capacity for economic growth.


When will the work take place?

  • This scheme is being progressed in a phased approach.  Preliminary works were undertaken during autumn/winter 2015 which involved ground clearance and the diversion of utility services.  Contractors commenced main construction works on 27 June 2016.
  • The target completion date for works is early 2017.  This date may be subject to change, for example if the work is completed earlier than planned, or if the programme of works is delayed due to unexpected issues or poor weather.


How will this affect you?

  • While efforts will be made to keep the road network flowing as efficiently as possible, road users should expect some delays to journeys caused by temporary lane restrictions during construction.
  • Lane reductions and pedestrian diversions will be required to allow the contractor to safely undertake the works, which will typically be undertaken between the hours of 7.00am to 7.00pm weekdays.
  • Some limited operations will need to be undertaken overnight, typically between the hours of 8.00pm and 5.00am.  Night works will be advertised in advance on local signage and on this web page.
  • Temporary traffic signals will be necessary to support the works which will cause some delays to journey times, however as the affected roads are traffic sensitive, the signals will only be used during overnight works or off peak periods. The traffic management team will be present during the works to minimise delays and disruption as much as reasonably possible.
  • A temporary speed reduction to 30mph will be in place from the start of construction until completion.  Please note however that due to the phased construction, there will be sections of road reduced to 30mph, rather than a reduction being applied to the whole route throughout the full extent of the works.

Thank you for your patience while we undertake these improvements.  


Further information:

  • Information boards will provide the most up to date information about the work programme.
  • Plans of the scheme are available in the document section below along with answers to frequently asked questions.  For more information, please or Essex Highways on 0345 603 7631.