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A13/A130 Sadlers Farm Junction


A13/A130 Sadlers Farm Junction


The A13/A130 Sadlers Farm junction forms part of the strategic highway network serving Thames Gateway South Essex. The previous junction coSadlers Farmmprised of a series of five small roundabouts within a gyratory system and was historically subject to severe congestion and delays.

The scheme represeted an essential element of the long-term strategy for Basildon and the Thames Gateway contributing to targets for the area relating to congestion, accessibility, safety, air quality and enhanced maintenance. This is achieved through the main objective of the scheme which is to reduce congestion on the strategic network.

The completed works

The objective noted above was delivered by the construction of a strategic link road removing 30% of the existing traffic complimented by signalisation of the existing gyratory, widening of the A13 and the introduction of a dedicated turning from the A13 onto Canvey Island. 

Summary of the works undertaken 

  • The creation of a dual (two-lane) carriageway link road connecting the A13 west and the A130 north. This new road will be set in a full depth cutting passing beneath London Road (B1464) and heading to Rayleigh Spur to the north east.
  • Widening of the A13 between Sadlers Farm Junction and Pitsea (dual two lanes to dual four lanes).
  • Widening of the A130 north between the Sadlers Farm junction and Rayleigh Spur roundabout (dual three-lane).
  • Widening of the A13 (London Road) from Sadlers Farm to Tarpots junction to enable the provision of four full-width lanes.
  • Signalisation of Tarpots Junction.
  • Public Realm works at Tarpots junction.
  • Construction of four new bridges at Church Road, Sadlers Farm, London Road and Sadlers Hall to the north of London Road.
  • Additional works include the extensions to existing subways, lighting, bus priority provision and improvements to cycling and pedestrian routes.