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Colchester Bus Lane Enforcement

How much is the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)? 

The Penalty Charge Notice for being in a bus lane is £60.  If payment is received within 14 days of the notice date (which will appear on the PCN), the charge will be reduced to £30. How to pay is detailed on the PCN.

The PCN rises to £90 if not paid within 28 days.

Can I appeal the PCN? 

Details of how to appeal will be included within the PCN.

Where are the bus lanes in Colchester? 

The following bus lanes and bus gates are in force 24 hours a day:

  • North Hill – southbound (uphill)
  • Middleborough – right turn to North Hill
  • Middleborough – southbound
  • Middleborough – North from North Hill
  • High Street – Right turn to Queen Street
  • North Station Road – south from Essex Hall Roundabout
  • Maldon Road – northbound from Beaconsfield Avenue
  • Osborne Street – straight ahead to St John’s Street
  • Hythe Hill – eastbound at Maudlyn Street
  • Hythe Station Road – at Hythe Station
  • Nayland Road – at Northern Approach Road

How do I access High Street? 

High Street can be accessed from Southway via Headgate and Head Street at all times.

How do I access Queen Street? 

Queen Street can be accessed from East Hill at all times.

Why have the new bus lanes been installed? 

The North Hill and High Street bus lanes have been introduced to discourage drivers from using the High Street.  This will improve the pedestrian environment for shoppers. It will improve bus services across the town, this will be especially important when the new Park and Ride opens.

The Park and Ride is set to be the first purpose-built park and ride in Colchester, and is due to be located to the north of the A12 at Cuckoo Farm. It is planned to open at the end of March 2015.

The scheme has links with Colchester’s Local Plan and also assists with relieving congestion at Colchester Station roundabout. The scheme also complements the Northern Approach Road corridor improvement being forward-funded by Essex County Council.

The aim of the scheme is to increase the number of people able to access Colchester Town Centre via the Northern Approach Road Corridor, relieving a current pinch point on the network.

What does a bus lane look like? 

Bus lanes are easy to identify by the blue signs at the start.  Their boundaries are clearly marked with a solid white line and appropriate wording, which is sometimes repeated along the route.

All bus lanes and bus gates in Colchester are operational 24 hours a day.

How can I avoid a penalty charge notice?   

Avoiding the bus lanes is the best way to avoid a penalty charge notice.

Pay attention to all signs and markings; remember the bus lanes are operational 24 hours a day.

All drivers are responsible for making sure that they comply with the laws of the road. Using a Sat Nav is not an excuse for entering a bus lane – you will still be held responsible. 

Further Information

Visit the Bus Lane and Bus Gate Enforcement pages for more information about enforcement and how to pay or challenge a Penalty Charge Notice.