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Luxborough Way (Bridleway) Bridge, Luxborough Lane, Chigwell

Works location and photos

View of footbridge
View of footbridge
View from under footbridge
View of closed footbridge

The current position

Luxborough Way Bridge (ECC No. 2081), also known locally as Luxborough Lane Bridge, is a footbridge located near the end of Luxborough Lane in Chigwell, bridging the River Roding to Buckhurst Hill.

Essex Highways placed the bridge under an emergency closure in January 2020 after significant defects were identified to critical components resulting in the bridge being no longer safe for public use. The bridge supports a number of very high voltage electricity cables which could cause serious harm through injury and considerable disruption to supply if they were damaged.  

Measures were taken to limit further deterioration of the structure. A framework was assembled across the bridge with temporary fencing also installed to prevent access by the public.

Design work for a new, replacement bridge is currently taking place.  Some initial site surveys and vegetation clearance have been carried out to aid this process however there are many steps that have to be completed before a new bridge can be installed.   This includes budgeting and planning alongside other prioritised works as well as consulting with utility providers, other local authorities and the Environment Agency.  This can take some time however our aim is to replace this structure by Autumn 2021 if all of these arrangements are in place.

Temporary footbridge

We appreciate that the closure of the bridge is a cause of local inconvenience as it is a popular crossing point.  We have designed and installed a temporary bridge adjacent to the current structure, which is open for use by pedestrians, dismounted cyclists and riders with unmounted horses until a new, replacement bridge is available.

Further information

As we progress our plans we aim to share key information with the Parish Council for residents and businesses.   Please check this webpage for the latest updates.