Dunmow Road closure

Road Closure

A road closure on Dunmow Road comes into force from the 3rd September

Ultimately making it easier for traffic to get to and from the A120, the realigned Dunmow Road will also see improved walking and cycling infrastructure.

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M11 Junction 8 Improvements

Upcoming closures of the A1250 Dunmow Road (September - November 2023)

The next phase of works will be undertaken on the A1250 Dunmow Road. Road closures and diversions will be in place to carry out the works which will be delivered in two stages.

Sunday 3 September until Sunday 29 October 2023

The southbound lane on Dunmow Road into Bishop’s Stortford will be closed for works to divert the watermain. The southbound lane will be closed from the Birchanger Lane Roundabout to near the entrance of Bishop's Stortford Golf Club. Diversions will be in place via the A120 for those accessing Bishop’s Stortford from the M11 Junction 8 Roundabout. The diversion route can be found below. A pedestrian route will remain open throughout the southbound lane closure.

Sunday 29 October until Sunday 26 November 2023

Full closure of Dunmow Road for four weeks for sheet piling and drainage installation works ahead of building a new section of road. Diversions will be in place through Bishop’s Stortford. Dunmow Road will be fully closed in both directions from the Birchange Lane Roundabout to near the entrance to Bishop's Stortford Golf Club. A soft closure will also be in place up to the Parsonage Lane roundabout, however, access will be retained at all times for residents, businesses, the golf club and Bishop's Stortford Football Club. Diversions will be in place via the A120 and through Bishop’s Stortford. The diversion route can be found below. We are hoping to keep a pedestrian route open throughout the closure and will confirm this as soon as possible.

Dunmow Road diversion route

Diversion route eastbound
Diversion route westbound

Bus diversion route

We apologise in advance for any inconvenience our works may cause you.

All updates on these works will be posted on this page and you can read more about the completed and planned works in the contractor newsletter at the bottom of this page. For queries you can contact the project team at m11J8@essexhighways.org.

The J8 Scheme

The area around Junction 8 of the M11 is increasingly congested and lacking capacity at peak times. Planned developments in the north of Bishop’s Stortford and local growth planned in East Herts and Uttlesford will lead to an increasing amount of traffic using the junctions in the years ahead as London Stansted Airport continues to grow.

Since 2015, we have been investigating improvements to the A120 and slip road access to Junction 8 of the M11. Our studies showed that the best short- to medium-term solution would be to improve off-slip lane capacity onto Junction 8 of the M11 with a widened A120 signalised junction, to help meet future network demand.

Following a successful bid in 2017 for the Department for Transport’s National Productivity Investment Fund, we are now in a position to move forward with our plans to improve Junction 8 of the M11 and A120 West.

The scheme will:

  • Improve access between the M11 and A120 with London Stansted Airport, Bishop's Stortford, Birchanger Services and Takeley
  • Reduce congestion and improve capacity on the M11 Junction 8 exit slips and the A120
  • Support future plans for housing, employment and business developments

John Sisk & Son was appointed as contractor for the scheme in late 2021 with the main works getting underway in early 2022. It is currently anticipated that construction will be completed by Spring 20242

The latest information about the scheme and regular progress updates will be posted on this webpage.

We are doing all we can to minimise traffic disruption and apologise in advance for any inconvenience our works may cause.

If you have any questions about the construction works, please contact the John Sisk & Son construction team on 07442981580. Alternatively, if you have questions about the scheme, please contact Essex County Council at m11J8@essexhighways.org.

Affinity Water Diversion
Eastbound section September 2022
A120 roundabout September 2022

What is planned?

South-west of M11 Junction 8

  • Add an additional approach lane from the M11 Junction 8 northbound exit slip onto the A120, with dedicated access into Birchanger Green Services, to increase capacity and reduce queuing
  • Install upgraded traffic signals to better manage traffic and reduce queuing on the slip road

North-east of M11 Junction 8

  • Add an additional approach lane on the M11 Southbound slip road to separate traffic to Stansted Airport, the A120, Takeley, motorway services, and Bishop’s Stortford
  • Upgrade traffic signals and overhead signage to improve traffic movement
South-west of M11 Junction 8
North-east of M11 Junction 8

West of M11 Junction 8 / Junction of A120 with A1250 (Dunmow Road) - (Updated 23/01/19)

  • Replace the existing A120/A1250 (Dunmow Road) roundabout with a signalised junction to address congestion issues and meet forecast traffic demand up to 2036.
  • Widen the A120 eastbound and westbound to three lanes on the approach to the new junction with the A1250 and introduce a dedicated lane westbound for A1250 traffic as well as a new right-turn lane for traffic for Birchanger Lane.
  • Realign Birchanger Lane at the new A120 junction within the highway boundary and a safe staggered distance between the A1250.
  • The revised highways layout will enable the full range of traffic movements in and out of Birchanger village to be retained as the realignment of Birchanger Lane will allow direct traffic towards A1250 Bishop’s Stortford and the A120 west with a single traffic signal phase for all movements.
  • Traffic from Birchanger village will not have to use the route via the M11 Junction 8 roundabout, as initially proposed, and the realignment of Birchanger Lane should not impact the junction’s effectiveness in the short-term.
  • Create a new footway to Birchanger village with on-road cycleway to improve facilities for people who walk and cycle. This will provide improved connections to the National Cycle Network (NCN).
  • Install toucan crossings to connect both sides of the A120 to allow people who walk and cycle to pass more safely between Birchanger Lane and the A1250 Dunmow Road.
  • To improve safety, the crossing points on the Junction 8 slip roads will be removed. Non-motorised users can instead use the recently upgraded bridleway overbridge to the north and underpass to the south of Junction 8.
  • Install a new crossing for pedestrians to make access to bus stops safer on A1250 Dunmow Road.
West of M11 Junction 8 / Junction of A120 with A1250 (Dunmow Road) - (Updated 23/01/19)
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