27 July 2022 Latest News

Respect our road workers

Essex Highways urges road users to take care when driving near roadworks and to be respectful to staff working to improve our roads.

Unfortunately, abuse of staff who are out working on the road network is all too common. In 2020, the number of these abuse incidents rose by 10%.

This is despite the significant reduction in traffic flow as a result of COVID restrictions.

As the school holidays get underway you may see more roadworks on the network taking place.

Traditionally traffic flows are reduced due to fewer commuters or a change in work pattern, which is an ideal opportunity to get as many repairs done as possible.

By avoiding the usual peak travel times this helps keep disruption to a minimum.

With more traffic management likely to be on the network, Essex Highways are urging road users to plan their journey in advance and to be patient if you do come across roadworks when out and about.

Traffic management is necessary to protect the travelling public and our staff, as safety is always our first priority.

Essex Highways will take the necessary action to protect road users from unlawful and unpleasant behaviour.

In many cases CCTV is in operation and operatives wear bodycams which enable us to record and report incidents.  

Road workers are working in potentially hazardous environments to make our roads better for all those who use them.

Councillor Lee Scott, Essex County Council Cabinet Member for Highways Maintenance and Sustainable Transport, said: “The workers for Essex County Council and indeed all of our contractors deserve respect.

“It is not acceptable to be rude or abusive to people who are going about their jobs in the same way as we all do.

“Please be patient and drive carefully when you’re out near roadworks.”

If you witness an incident that is a cause for concern and have dashcam or mobile phone footage, then please pass a copy to the police through the Extra Eyes website. This will support our efforts to help reduce abuse of our roadworkers.