Noak Hill Road / Wash Road (west), Basildon - no right turn safety scheme

Works location and photos

Original layout
Original layout

About the scheme

Nine injury collisions in ten years, including one fatal in 2016, all involved vehicles making a right turn from Wash Road (west) into Noak Hill Road, the A176. The solution to be built is a bolt-down traffic island in Noak Hill Road, with fixed cones and signs to prevent these right turns. Signs indicating alternative routes, including deciding earlier to drive on to the A127 are part of the scheme.

Essex Highways safety engineers have previously conducted a very thorough analysis of possible road safety improvements to prevent future similar collisions. The only viable solution has proved to be the prevention of right turns at the junction. The reasons for this decision can be found on the Decisions section of our website (click on Reports and Equality Impact Assessment). Specific reasons why alternative suggestions were found non-viable and how consultees’ objections were responded to is available in the Summary of Consultation Objections.

The work to build the new traffic island and put up more signs

Advance notice warning signs are now up on and around the site. Work will start on Monday 20 August and will finish by Monday 27 August (these are revised dates). Temporary traffic signals will control traffic during the works, details are at

Next steps

The prohibition and physical prevention of right turns is an 18 month experimental measure. The effect on traffic will be monitored. Traffic counts in the area have been carried out and further surveys will be done after the works, including a video survey after the school holidays.

A consultation period will begin once the works have been installed, lasting a total of 6 months. During the following 12 months a decision will be made based on the results of the surveys and consultation as to whether this restriction will be made into a permanent traffic regulation order, or if the scheme should be removed. If the effect of the measure is found to unduly adverse at any point during the 18 month period, it will be removed.

Background information

Of the typical 19,000 vehicle movements along the road in one day, only some 600 or 3% make the right turn. During the peak periods of traffic, the morning and afternoon “rush hours” approximately 70 to 80 vehicles make the right turn. The most likely diversion to be used for those drivers who might have usually turned right is approximately 600 metres longer.