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Section 58 restrictions

Section 58 restriction is a restriction under the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 that prevents utility companies digging up the road for a pre-determined period once substantial roadworks, carried out by the highway authority, have been completed.

Utility companies are notified at least 3 months in advance of these works to give them time to complete any necessary works prior to the substantial roadworks taking place. During the course of the restriction works can only be undertaken with the Authority’s permission and in certain circumstances.

On this page you can view the restrictions

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Our current Section 58 notices

Various Roads - Machine, Micro Surfacing and Surface Dressing

Three months advance notice is hereby given that Essex Highways intend to carry out the following substantial works for road purposes.

USRNRoad NameAreaLocationDescriptionStart Date
2000816Malyons Mews BasildonWhole USRN from Junc Malyons to endMicro Surfacing06/04/2021
2000817Malyons Place BasildonWhole USRN from Junc Malyons to endMicro Surfacing06/04/2021
2000818Malyons BasildonFrom Junc Felmores to Junc Malyons MewsMicro Surfacing06/04/2021
2001096Roydon Bridge BasildonWhole USRN from Junc Danbury Down to Junc Quilters StraightMicro Surfacing08/04/2021
2001682High Meadow BillericayWhole USRN from Junc Valley Road to Junc South RidgeMicro Surfacing09/04/2021
3901290Mill Lane PebmarshWhole USRN from Junc The Street to endMicro Surfacing21/04/2021
6301224Southend Arterial Road ThundersleyFrom Esso Station (MFG Autohalt) to Ent Woodside Garden CentreMachine Surfacing21/04/2021
6600110Barton Close South Woodham FerrersWhole USRN from j/w Hamberts Road to endMachine Surfacing26/04/2021
6600175Bodmin Road ChelmsfordWhole USRN From j/w Lawn Lane to j/w Dartmouth RoadMachine Surfacing09/04/2021
6600330Chadwick Road South Woodham FerrersFrom j/w Hamberts Road to j/w King Edwards RoadMachine Surfacing26/04/2021
6600360Chelmer Valley Road ChelmsfordFrom 70 metres south of RAB to 60 metres North East of RABMachine Surfacing04/05/2021
6600693Fremantle Close South Woodham FerrersWhole USRN from j/w Hamberts Road to endMachine Surfacing26/04/2021
6600713George Street ChelmsfordWhole USRN from j/w Anchor Street to j/w New Writtle StreetMachine Surfacing13/04/2021
6600723Glendale South Woodham FerrersWhole USRN from j/w Hamberts Road to endMachine Surfacing26/04/2021
6600788Hamberts Road South Woodham FerrersFrom j/w Bancrofts Road to end of Hamberts RoadMachine Surfacing26/04/2021
6600820Hawthorn Walk South Woodham FerrersWhole USRN from j/w Chadwick Road to endMachine Surfacing26/04/2021
6601242New Writtle Street ChelmsfordFrom j/w New London Road to j/w Moulsham StreetMachine Surfacing13/04/2021
6601298Oliver Way ChelmsfordFrom Junc Patchinghall Lane RAB to Copperfield RoadMachine Surfacing14/05/2021
6601346Paston Close South Woodham FerrersWhole USRN from j/w Hamberts Road to endMachine Surfacing26/04/2021
6601493Robin Way ChelmsfordFrom j/w with Linnet Drive to o/s No. 28 (including side roads)Machine Surfacing06/04/2021
6601656Springfield Hall RAB ChelmsfordWhole USRNMachine Surfacing04/05/2021
6601766Timsons Lane ChelmsfordFrom surface joint nr Springfield road to Bellmouth to playing fieldMachine Surfacing20/04/2021
6601815Valley Bridge ChelmsfordFrom Springfield Hall RAB to Lamp Column E17Machine Surfacing04/05/2021
8900063Argents Lane West BergholtWhole USRN from Junc Argents Lane Fordham Heath to Junc Newbridge Hill/ Chitts Hill.Surface Dressing21/04/2021
8900165Birch Road Layer De La HayeWhole USRN from Junc Birch Park to Junc B1026 High RoadSurface Dressing27/04/2021
8900166Birch Street BirchWhole USRN from Junc School Road to Junc Garlands RoadSurface Dressing26/04/2021
8900193Boarded Barn RoadCopfordWhole USRN from Jun Birch Road to Junc Rectory RoadSurface Dressing25/04/2021
8900202Bourne RoadWest BergholtWhole USRN From Junc Newbridge Hill to End of highwaySurface Dressing21/04/2021
8900248Brook Road AldhamWhole USRN From Junc North Lane to Junc New RoadSurface Dressing24/04/2021
8900327The Causeway Greak HorkesleyWhole USRN From Junc Nayland Road to Junc Nayland RoadSurface Dressing19/04/2021
8900459Colchester Road WivenhoeFrom j/w The Cross to o/s No 16Machine Surfacing21/04/2021
8900615Eastwood Drive ColchesterFrom Junc Highclere Road RAB to Junc The JaysSurface Dressing13/04/2021
8900659Fairfax Road ColchesterWhole USRN from Junc Mersea Road to Junc Lucas RoadMicro Surfacing22/04/2021
8900794Green Lane AldhamWhole USRN From Junc A1124 Fordstreet Hill/ Halstead Road to Junc Brook Road/ New RoadSurface Dressing23/04/2021
8900810Greyhound Hill LanghamWhole USRN From Junc Dedham Road to Junc High Street/School RoadSurface Dressing16/04/2021
8900919Highwoods Approach ColchesterFrom Junc Highclere Road Roundabout to 50m west of Zebra Crossing Nr Derwent Road RABSurface Dressing14/04/2021
8900946Horkesley Hill Great HorkesleyWhole USRN From Junc Nayland Bypass to Junc Nayland RoadSurface Dressing19/04/2021
8901130Lower Road PedonWhole USRN from Junc Mersea Road to Junc Wigborough RoadSurface Dressing28/04/2021
8901134Lucas Road ColchesterFrom Junc Mersea Road to o/s No 45Micro Surfacing22/04/2021
8901153Maldon Road Great WigboroughFrom Junc Peldon Road to Entrance to Abbotts Hall FarmSurface Dressing28/04/2021
8901258Moor Road Great TeyWhole USRN from Junc Chappel Road to Junc Tey RoadSurface Dressing23/04/2021
8901286Nayland Bypass Great HorkesleyWhole USRN From County Boundary with Suffolk to Junc Horkelsey HillSurface Dressing19/04/2021
8901288Nayland Road ColchesterFrom Junc Nayland Road Gt Horkesley for approx 125m S/boundSurface Dressing19/04/2021
8901289Nayland Road Great HorkesleyWhole USRN From Junc Horkesley Hill to Junc The CausewaySurface Dressing19/04/2021
8901289Nayland Road Great HorkesleyWhole USRN from Junc The Causeway to Junc Nayland Road ColchesterSurface Dressing19/04/2021
8901301New Road AldhamWhole USRN from Junc Brook Road to Junc A1124 Ford Street/Ford Street Hill.Surface Dressing24/04/2021
8901324North Lane Marks TeyFrom its J/W Station Road (Station entrance) to Junc Brook RoadSurface Dressing24/04/2021
8901369Orpens Hill BirchWhole USRN from Junc B1022 Maldon Road to Junc School HillSurface Dressing26/04/2021
8901386Park Lane LanghamFrom Junc A12 to Junc with PROW 139_55 (opp Langham Oak Cottage)Surface Dressing14/04/2021
8901413Peldon Road Great WigboroughWhole USRN from Junc Peldon Road Little Wigborough to Junc Maldon RoadSurface Dressing28/04/2021
8901524Rectory Road WivenhoeFrom j/w Colchester Road for 50mMachine Surfacing21/04/2021
8901619School Road LanghamWhole USRN From Junc Greyhound Hill to Junc Wick RoadSurface Dressing15/04/2021
8901699Spring Lane Eight Ash GreenWhole USRN From Junc A1124 Halstead Road to Junc Heath Road/ Argents LaneSurface Dressing22/04/2021
8901843Tey Road AldhamWhole USRN from Junc Moor Road to Junc Brook RoadSurface Dressing23/04/2021
8902003Wick Road LanghamWhole USRN from Junc Park Lane to Junc School RoadSurface Dressing15/04/2021
8902007Wigborough Road PeldonWhole USRN from Junc Lower Road to Junc Peldon Road Little WigboroughSurface Dressing28/04/2021
8902037The Cross WivenhoeWhole USRN From j/w The Avenue to j/w Colchester RoadMachine Surfacing21/04/2021
8902202Mersea Road PeldonWhole USRN From Junc with the B1025 Colchester Road to Junc Lower RoadSurface Dressing28/04/2021
8902308The Avenue WivenhoeFrom o/s No 9 to j/w The CrossMachine Surfacing21/04/2021
8902498Huxstables Lane Fordham HeathFrom its J/W Spring Lane to Junc BridlewaySurface Dressing22/04/2021
8902756Barnhall Road SalcottWhole USRN from Junc B1026 Whitehouse Hill/Colchester Road to Junc Barnhall Road Tollshunt KnightsSurface Dressing30/04/2021
8902759Birch Park BirchFrom Junc Garlands Road to Junc Birch RoadSurface Dressing27/04/2021
8902794Garlands Road Layer BretonWhole USRN from Junc Layer Bretton Heath to Junc Garlands Road BirchSurface Dressing27/04/2021
8902795Garlands Road BirchWhole USRN from Junc Garlands Road Layer Bretton to Junc Birch RoadSurface Dressing27/04/2021
8902849School Hill BirchWhole USRN from Junc Orpens Hill to Junc Birch StreetSurface Dressing26/04/2021
8902890Spring Lane Eight Ash GreenWhole USRN From Junc A1124 Halstead Road to Junc Heath Road/ Argents LaneSurface Dressing22/04/2021
8902891Argents Lane Fordham HeathWhole USRN From Junc Spring Lane/ Cooks Mill Lane Junc Argents Lane West BergholtSurface Dressing21/04/2021
8903075Peldon Road Little WigboroughWhole USRN from Junc Wigborough Road to Junc Peldon Road Great WigboroughSurface Dressing28/04/2021
13800076Banes Down NazeingWhole USRN from Junc Maplecroft Lane to both ends of Banes DownMicro Surfacing22/05/2021
13800116Beechfield Walk Waltham AbbeyFrom Junc Lodge Lane to Junc Lodge Lane including cul-de-sacMicro Surfacing17/05/2021
13800162A128 Brentwood Road OngarFrom Junc Stondon Road to Junc Ongar Road at Langford BridgeMicro Surfacing24/05/2021
13800172Broadoaks EppingWhole USRN from Junc Centre Drive to endMicro Surfacing16/04/2021
13800210Buxton Road Waltham AbbeyWhole USRN from Junc Maple Springs to Junc Princefields RoadMicro Surfacing19/04/2021
13800234Centre Avenue EppingWhole USRN from Junc Centre Drive to Junc Centre DriveMicro Surfacing14/04/2021
13800394Downlands Waltham AbbeyWhole USRN from Junc Roundhills to endMicro Surfacing26/04/2021
13800409Dunmow Road Abbess Beauchamp and Berners Roding OngarFrom Junc Woodend Lane to Junc Dunmow RoadMicro Surfacing28/05/2021
13800410B184 Dunmow Road FyfieldFrom Junc Dunmow Road to o/s LestrumMicro Surfacing28/05/2021
13800552Great Meadow NazeingWhole USRN from Junc Keysers Road to end of roadMicro Surfacing23/05/2021
13800608Harold Crescent Waltham AbbeyWhole USRN from Junc Crooked Mile to Junc Crooked MileMicro Surfacing18/05/2021
13800738Keysers Road NazeingFrom Junc Great Meadow to Junc Old Nazeing RoadMicro Surfacing23/05/2021
13800769Langfield Close NazeingWhole USRN From Junc Western Road to end of Langfield CloseMicro Surfacing21/05/2021
13800875Maltings Hill MoretonFrom o/s No 6 to Junc Fyfield RoadMicro Surfacing27/05/2021
13800886Maplecroft Lane NazeingFrom o/s No 15 Maplecroft Lane to Junc Banes DownMicro Surfacing22/05/2021
13801048Palmers Grove NazeingWhole USRNMicro Surfacing19/05/2021
13801181Roundhills Waltham AbbeyWhole USRN from Junc Honey Lane to endMicro Surfacing26/04/2021
13801228Shooters Drive NazeingFrom Junc Western Road to Junc Palmers GroveMicro Surfacing19/05/2021
13801390Valley Close Waltham AbbeyWhole USRN from Junc Maple Gardens to endMicro Surfacing20/04/2021
13801440Western Road NazeingFrom o/s No 18 to Junc Shooters DriveMicro Surfacing19/05/2021
13801580Oak Rise Buckhurst HillWhole USRN from Junc Buckhurst Way to Junc Hornbeam CloseMicro Surfacing12/04/2021
13801718Murtwell Drive ChigwellWhole USRN from Junc Fencepiece Road to endMicro Surfacing13/04/2021
13801844The Crescent LoughtonWhole USRN from j/w High Road to endMachine Surfacing14/04/2021
16500009Altham GroveHarlowWhole USRN from Junc Howard Way (All Estate Roads)Micro Surfacing11/05/2021
16500062Church LeysHarlowWhole USRN from Junc Tendring Road (Including side roads)Micro Surfacing04/05/2021
16500140GuilfordsHarlowWhole USRN from Junc Old Road (Including side roads)Micro Surfacing24/05/2021
16500173The HooHarlowWhole USRN from Junc Old Road to Junc Priory Avenue (Including side roads)Micro Surfacing18/05/2021
16500291Paringdon Road HarlowFrom Junc Southern Way to Junc Aylets FieldMachine Surfacing18/05/2021
16500303Partridge Road HarlowFrom Junc Southern Way for 41m NorthMachine Surfacing18/05/2021
16500393Southern Way HarlowFrom Junc Paringdon Road to o/s Latton Bush CentreMachine Surfacing18/05/2021
24300034Barnhall Road Tolleshunt KnightsWhole USRN from Junc Barnhall Road Salcott to Junc Brook RoadSurface Dressing30/04/2021
39900003Abbey Thorpe Le SokenWhole USRN from Junc B1414 Landermere Road to Junc Frinton RoadSurface Dressing11/04/2021
39900355Church Road BrighlingseaFrom j/w Bateman Road to j/w Spring ChaseMachine Surfacing12/04/2021
39900380Clacton Road WeeleyFrom Junc Weeley Bypass to Junc Church LaneSurface Dressing12/04/2021
39900704Frinton Road Thorpe Le SokenWhole USRN From Junc Abbey Street to Junc Damants Farm LaneSurface Dressing11/04/2021
39900729George Street HarwichFrom Entrance to St Nicholas Court to j/w Harwich Town Station EntranceMachine Surfacing07/04/2021
39900765Great Holland Common Road Great HollandWhole USRN From its Junc Sladburys Lane to Junc Little Clacton RoadSurface Dressing10/04/2021
39901019Kirby Road Great HollandWhole USRN from Junc Pork Lane/B1032 Main Road to Junc Holland RoadSurface Dressing11/04/2021
39901088Little Clacton RoadGreat HollandWhole USRN from Junc Great Holland Common Road to Junc B1032 Clacton Road/ Main Road.Surface Dressing10/04/2021
39901982Wash Lane ClactonWhole USRN From j/w St Vincent Road to junc Marine Parade West/West RoadMachine Surfacing19/04/2021
39901990Weeley By Pass WeeleyWhole USRN from Junc B1033 Weeley RAB Exit SB to Junc Clacton RoadSurface Dressing12/04/2021
39902583Holland Road Kirby CrossWhole USRN from Junc Kirby Road to Junc B1033 Thorpe Road/ Frinton RoadSurface Dressing11/04/2021
41400592Henham Road DebdenFrom Junc Thaxted Road to o/s Telmara FarmMachine Surfacing24/05/2021
2002094Southend Arterial Road DuntonFrom Junc Footbridge over Fortune of War RAB to Rear of Unit 8 Hammells ParkMachine Surfacing07/06/2021
13800447Epping RoadNorth Weald BassettFrom Junc Kiln Road to Junc High RoadMachine Surfacing07/06/2021
13800647High RoadNorth Weald BassettFrom Junc Epping Road to Entrance to Kings Head PH Machine Surfacing07/06/2021
24300796B1021 Southminster RoadBurnhamFrom o/s Ormiston Rivers Academy to Ent to Mangapp RailwayMachine Surfacing07/06/2021
13800647High RoadNorth Weald BassettFrom Surf joint o/s no 214 to Junc Talbot RABMachine Surfacing09/06/2021
4200724Slip Road from A127 to B186 EBWarleyWhole USRN from Junc A127 to Junc Link Between A127 And B186 EastboundMachine Surfacing10/06/2021
4200727Slip Road from B186 to A127 EBWarleyWhole USRN from Junc Link Between A127 And B186 Eastbound and A127Machine Surfacing10/06/2021
4200470Link Between A127 And B186 EastboundWarleyWhole USRN from Junc Warley Street to A127 SlipsMachine Surfacing10/06/2021
4200723Slip Road from A127 to B186 WBWarleyWhole USRN from Junc A127 to Junc Link Between A127 And B186 WestboundMachine Surfacing15/06/2021
4200726Slip Road from B186 to A127 WBWarleyWhole USRN from Junc Link Between A127 And B186 Westbound and A127Machine Surfacing15/06/2021
4200469Link Between A127 And B186 WestboundWarleyWhole USRN from Junc Warley Street to A127 SlipsMachine Surfacing15/06/2021
13801748Tomswood RoadChigwellFrom Junc New Forest Lane to o/s No 44Machine Surfacing16/06/2021
6300446A13 High StreetHadleighWhole USRN from Junc London Road to Junc London RoadMachine Surfacing21/06/2021
6301172London Road Hadleigh From Junc High Street to Junc Chapel LaneMachine Surfacing21/06/2021
6301172London Road HadleighFrom Junc High Street to Junc Park ChaseMachine Surfacing21/06/2021
41401145Stansted RoadElsenhamFrom 25m W of RAB to Junc Station RoadMachine Surfacing21/06/2021
41401153Station RoadElsenham From Junc Stanstead Road to Junc High StreetMachine Surfacing21/06/2021
41400611High StreetElsenhamWhole USRN From Junc Station Road to Junc Hall LaneMachine Surfacing21/06/2021
39900232Bromley RoadElmsteadFrom Junc A133 Clacton Road to Junc The ChaseMachine Surfacing23/06/2021
41400384Debden RoadSaffron WaldenWhole USRN From Junc London Road to Junc Pleasant ValleyMachine Surfacing25/06/2021
41400972Pleasant ValleySaffron WaldenWhole USRN From Junc Debden Road to Junc Landscape ViewMachine Surfacing25/06/2021
41400684Landscape ViewSaffron WaldenFrom Junc Pleasant Valley to Junc Cromwell RoadMachine Surfacing25/06/2021
8901505Ransom Road TiptreeWhole USRN from Junc B1022 to Junc B1023Machine Surfacing28/06/2021
3901223B1018 Maldon Road WithamFrom Junc Blue Mills Road to Junc Maltings LaneMachine Surfacing28/06/2021
41400065Bedlars Green RoadGt HallinburyWhole USRN From Junc B1245 to Junc Bedlars GreenMicro Surfacing04/06/2021
41401569Bedlars GreenGt HallinburyWhole USRN From Junc Bedlars Green Road to Junc Church RoadMicro Surfacing04/06/2021
41400634Hill RoadHempsteadFrom o/s Hill House to Junc High StreetMicro Surfacing10/06/2021
41400615High StreetHempsteadWhole USRN from Junc Hill Road to Junc Bumpstead RoadMicro Surfacing10/06/2021
41400165Bumpstead RoadHempsteadFrom Junc High Street to Junc Boytons LaneMicro Surfacing10/06/2021
41400019Anso RoadHempsteadFrom Junc Hill Road to Junc High StreetMicro Surfacing10/06/2021
41400307Clavering RoadManudenWhole USRN from Junc The Street to Junc Manuden RoadMicro Surfacing16/06/2021
41400782Manuden RoadBerdenFrom Junc Clavering Road to Highlands Farm RoadMicro Surfacing16/06/2021
39901400Parsons Hill Gt BromleyFrom Junc Back Lane West to Junc Brook StreetMicro Surfacing21/06/2021
39900235Brook StreetGt BromleyWhole USRN from Junc Parsons Hill to Junc Hall RoadMicro Surfacing21/06/2021
39900800Hall RoadGt BromleyWhole USRN from Junc Brook Street to Junc Ardleigh RoadMicro Surfacing21/06/2021
39900062Ardleigh RoadGt BromleyWhole USRN from Junc Hall Road to Junc Frating RoadMicro Surfacing21/06/2021
39900692Frating RoadArdleighWhole URSN from Junc Ardleigh Road to Junc Station RoadMicro Surfacing21/06/2021
39901770Station RoadArdleighWhole USRN from Junc Frating Road to Junc A137Micro Surfacing21/06/2021
32200857Sutton RoadRochfordCarriageway from o/s No 16/18 to o/s No 104Machine Surfacing29/03/2021
8901229Military RoadColchesterFrom Ped Crossing Nr Roberts Way to Surf. joint o/s No 131Machine Surfacing18/06/2021
39900887Highfield AvenueDovercourtWhole USRN from Main Road to Fronks RoadMachine Surfacing14/07/2021
4200248Eastham CrescentBrentwoodFrom o/s No 54 to o/s No 27Machine Surfacing19/07/2021
4200438Knights WayBrentwoodFrom o/s No 45 to end of highway boundary o/s No 176Machine Surfacing21/07/2021
8900007Abbot's Road ColchesterFrom o/s 23 to Junc Old Heath RoadMachine Surfacing09/08/2021
8901357Old Heath Road ColchesterFrom o/s 322 to Junc Beech TerraceMachine Surfacing09/08/2021
8901212Mersea RoadColchesterFrom Junc Wier Lane to Junc Mersea Road LangenhoeMachine Surfacing19/08/2021
8901214Mersea Road LangenhoeWhole USRN from Junc Mersea Road Colchester to Junc Mersea Road AbbertonMachine Surfacing19/08/2021
8902956Mersea Road AbbertonFrom Junc Mersea Road Langenhoe to Junc Fingringhoe RoadMachine Surfacing19/08/2021
8900286Butt Road ColchesterFrom Junc Constantine Road to Junc Wellington StreetMachine Surfacing11/08/2021
8900412Circular Road West Colchester From Junc Butt Road to Junc Circular Road NorthMachine Surfacing11/08/2021
8902911A133 Eastbound Colchester (Clingoe Hill)ColchesterApprox 500m E of Greenstead RAB for approx 275mMachine Surfacing23/08/2021
3901188London RoadBlack NotleyFrom Junc London Road RAB to o/s No 214Machine Surfacing26/08/2021
3902525London Road RABGreat NotleyWhole USRNMachine Surfacing26/08/2021
3902526London Road RAB NorthGreat NotleyWhole USRNMachine Surfacing26/08/2021
3902185London Road RAB NorthBlack NotleyWhole USRNMachine Surfacing26/08/2021
3902849Great Leighs BypassGreat Notley60m From Junc London Road RABMachine Surfacing26/08/2021
3900790Garden Village WayGreat Notley54m From Junc London Road RABMachine Surfacing26/08/2021
8900604East StreetColchesterFrom Junc Mini RAB at Ipswich Road to Junc East BayMachine Surfacing17/08/2021
32200550Louise RoadRayleighWhole USRN From Junc Bull Lane to Junc Helena RoadMachine Surfacing24/08/2021
32200188A1245 Chelmsford RoadRawrethFrom Junc Chelmsford Road to Junc Rawreth LaneMachine Surfacing11/08/2021
39900881High StreetHarwichFrom Junc Bay Road to Junc Main RoadMachine Surfacing13/09/2021
39901148Main RoadHarwichFrom Junc High Street to Junc Barrack LaneMachine Surfacing13/09/2021
3901120Lakes RoadBraintreeWhole USRN from Junc Manor Street to Junc Chapel HillMachine Surfacing15/09/2021
3900358Chapel HillBraintreeFrom o/s No 81 to Junc Millenium Way (inc RAB)Machine Surfacing15/09/2021
3901289Mill HillBraintreeWhole USRN from Junc Chapel Hill RAB to Junc Skitts HillMachine Surfacing15/09/2021
8900978Ipswich RoadColchesterFrom Junc Orchard Gardens to o/s No 221Machine Surfacing29/09/2021
3901486Panners RABBraintree & BockingWhole USRNMachine Surfacing30/09/2021
3902537Panners RABGreat NotleyWhole USRNMachine Surfacing30/09/2021
13801389Upshire RoadWaltham AbbeyWhole USRN from Junc Paternoster Hill to Horseshoe HillMachine Surfacing17/09/2021
2000478Five Bells RAB North FobbingStanford-Le-HopeWhole USRNMachine Surfacing24/09/2021
2000479Five Bells RAB South FobbingStanford-Le-HopeWhole USRNMachine Surfacing28/09/2021
2000616High RoadPitsea From Surface joint nr Lamp Column 90A to o/s Kar RichieMachine Surfacing30/09/2021
2001005Pitsea RoadPitseaFrom Junc High Road to HFS at ZebraMachine Surfacing30/09/2021
USRNRoad NameAreaLocationDescriptionStart Date