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Traffic regulation orders

Traffic Regulation Orders

A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is a legal order. It enables the county council, as the highway authority, to manage traffic in the county. Examples of TROs includes parking restrictions, speed limits, one-way streets, weight restrictions, no right/left turns and loading bays. The following is a list of recent traffic regulation order proposals which are currently under consultation. Please forward any comments or objections by email.


TRAF/6700 - Proposed No Entry & Right Turn Prohibition, A13 London Road, Hadleigh 

 This proposal is to implement a No Entry & a Right Turn Prohibition order, on the new Morrisons access/exit lane with A13 London Road, Hadleigh, in the borough of Castle Point.

Intention NoticeDraft OrderStatement of ReasonsPlanClosing Date: 12/07/2019

TRAF/6998 - Proposed No Waiting at any Time extension, Leinster Road, Basildon 

This proposal is to extend the existing No Waiting at any Time restriction on the north side of Leinster Road for 10 metres, in order to accommodate for a proposed raised table at the junction, in the borough of Basildon.

Intention NoticeDraft Order Statement of Reasons Plan Order to be amended Closing Date: 08/07/2019 

TRAF/6989 - Proposed 40MPH Speed Limit, A113 & Church Lane, Lambourne

This proposal is to replace the current national speed limit on the lengths specified in the documents below, on A113 and Church Lane, Lambourne, in the district of Epping Forest. 

Intention NoticeDraft OrderStatement of ReasonsPlanOrder to be Amended Order to be Amended (2)Closing Date: 05/07/2019


TRAF/6992 - Waiting restriction amendments, New London Road, Chelmsford

This proposal is to amend the timings of the existing No Waiting restrictions on New London Road, in the City of Chelmsford, as shown and described in the documents below.

Intention NoticeDraft OrderStatement of ReasonsExisting Restriction PlanAmendment PlanOrder to be amended
Closing Date: 05/07/2019 


TRAF/6833 -  No Waiting at Any Time restrictions, London Road and Bowers Close, Pitsea


TRAF/6894 - Experimental One Way - High Street, South Benfleet

This proposal is to introduce an experimental one way restriction on the High Street, South Benfeet in the Borough of Castle Point

Has Made Notice  Order to be sealed  Statement of Reasons  Plan  Closing Date: 01/08/2019